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Readership is in session.

Club Readership (CR) is not just a book club but a progressive institution created for the readership in Africa and the diaspora. You might be reading this and asking yourself what in the world “ CR Magazine” is.

CR Magazine is a publication run by Club Readership and published through CR Publishers. Well- the founder of Club Readership is part of a cohort of young enthusiasts that are preoccupied with restoring Africa to her former glory. This generation of young people boasts a diverse set of expertise and passions, namely; writing, politics, business, social entrepreneurship, innovation etc.

Collectively, they refer to themselves as “leadership”. When they realized that they have a common interest in reading and would like to inspire fellow young South Africans to adopt a culture of reading for success, they became “readership” - aiming to reignite the sparks of reading in the African society, particularly in black communities.

The club was founded in November 2016. The birth of Club Readership was motivated by the thought provoking words of activist Maneo Mohale who asked: “ If this is your land, where are your stories ?” This explains how Club Readership would like to achieve the celebration of African stories, the plight to acknowledge and applaud the work of the authors in our continent. It aims to make reading a habit and would like to ensure that the readership focus will be on the journey rather than that of a finite tination.

Club Readership has inherited the responsibility to make reading fashionable and trendy again because in our opinion the best way to liberate a nation is via literature. The most powerful weapon a country can ever have is the synched energy of its youth and the single most important treasure one can give to a black child is education. If we all channel our energy into making South Africa great, no economic status or any other external force can stand in our way. We, therefore, call upon every institution in South Africa, owned by young people to join us into carving the ladder to a successful nation. If there was one way to break Africa down, it would be to decompose her very spine which holds her unique spirituality and culture.

The establishment of this magazine was compelling, owing to the sudden interest in Eurocentric cultures and general Westernized behavior in our youth. Because Club Readership is based in a student-dominated area we saw it fit that we also include conversations about student lives and the challenges they go through. This is the magazine that is going to say to you “black child it is possible”. We share narratives of students who have blundered and still managed to bounce back and flourished, we give insight on financial literacy which is an area of lack especially within the black community and of course we break down trending South African novels and expose you to the authors.