5th Runner-up Winner of CR Writing Competition 2020 | How can governments and the public intervene and halt this ongoing femicide? by Bonolo Moye

Over the years many different groups have been the victims of oppression and violence. Women are such a group, and they have been victim to not only the oppressive system of patriarchy but to the violence of men. How can governments and the public intervene and halt this ongoing femicide? 

Femicide can be thought to be the gender-based killing of females mostly due to gender-based violence and other offenses most of the time by the opposite gender. To suggest what the government and the public at large can do to try and mitigate this horrible felony we must look at and understand some of the causes of this felony. 

There are many supposed causes of gender-based violence and consequently femicide but I would like to bring into focus what I think is rather unpopularly noticed contribution to this matter, the deficient psychology, particularly of men because they are mostly the offenders. Our life long psychology of things is influenced by many things like the immediate environment we grow in, our homes, our neighborhoods, our community, and or our role models, that mostly being our parents at home or any other person present in our lives. 

It is unfortunate that sometimes some of these influences do not set the right psychology for men on how to be civil towards women. The drunkard uncle from next-door who always suggest that a man must beat a woman as a disciplinary measure to make her submissive or a father at home who always insists that he is the head of the household and everything should be done as he wills, these are examples of environments that most men in South Africa grow up from and therefore they lack the right psychology towards women. 

Some of the gender-based violence cases are because men lack the psychology of expression. It is their primitive and intrinsic nature that they cannot open and talk about the personal issues, matters of the heart, dispute issues, and other coexistent issues that may arise between them and the next person. These issues are inevitable and will always arise in life and it can seemingly be hard for men to find correct solutions to these issues when they are conflicted by them, so they rather avoid confronting them and keep silent. But It is possible to find solutions to these issues and one of the best ways is to talk about them, the psychology of expression. 

Avoiding matters makes them pile up inside and there comes a time when they cannot be concealed anymore and they erupt and so men project these issues in the form of anger, hatred, violence, and any other awful actions like rape towards women. So, the government and the public at large should make great efforts in teaching men the right psychology towards women. How they can go on to do this is up to them to be creative on how they initialize that. Contrived examples would be the use of social media to create platforms that will raise awareness or if the government creates non-profit organizations like LoveLife that will focus in teaching men these psychologies or when conditions are right, we can render the trending fictional men conference jokes by South African men on valentine’s day to be a real thing and this education can be passed on there. 

Another aspect of psychology that I would like to be taught to men is the psychology of acceptance. The lack of this psychology also contributes towards gender-based violence and femicide, for contrived example, a male lover who become resentful towards his female ex-lover because their companion relationship has ended so he decides to kill her because he does not have acceptance or when a male is rejected a relationship opportunity by a female and they become spiteful towards them so they decide to hurt her by assault, rape and or murder. So greater efforts must also be made to teach men acceptance for when things are not going according to their plan and when they are not having it their own way. As the saying goes, there are many fishes in the ocean, there are many other opportunities, learn to let go, learn to let things be. 

I am very confident that if we teach these psychologies it will mitigate these awful offenses by men more than any other solutions that can be suggested because if we have to fix what is on the inside in order to have what is right on the outside. Coming up with all other solutions without confronting the underlying issue is like cutting off the weeds from the garden without uprooting them then expect them not to grow up again. 

If all of this is done and the problem persists, then we resort to the government and the justice system to instigate a harsher sentence towards perpetrators. I am an advocator of peace, but this has unfortunately proven not effective to address the issue at hand, we will not defeat the threat with any more of candle lighting and social media activism, fear needs to be infested on perpetrators and that can only be achieved with cruel punishment for perpetrators like solitary confinement and prolonged sentences as opposed to a death sentence on the case of the wrong accusation. But if the case is strong and there is solid evidence, like self-confession or CCTV footages, then death sentence must be insinuated, even if this is religiously challenged but this is a holy war and we are Davids battling Goliaths and our Goliaths prey on innocent women and children, they have to be brought down so we summon the same God who helps David defeat Goliath. 

My last suggested solution would be that we continue to have a lot of South African National Defense Force(SANDF) patrols on streets even post lockdown and the pandemic because we have evidently seen the steeply decreased crime rates with their presence on the streets. Perpetrators must not get the freedom and the chance to carry on with their wicked ways. 

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