Happy 5th year anniversary to the Zulus

CR Magazine celebrates the 5th year anniversary of the Zulu family. Below is a brief chat we had with Mr. Zulu.

When, where and How did you guys meet.

– We met in 2005 at a church youth camp and we became friends. We started dating in November 2011 and we have been together ever since.

What are the challenges you’ve had and how did you overcome them?

– Communication barriers, just learning to talk to each other about issues without restrictions or fear and even without shouting. Talking with each and not at each other. Learning to be more open to each other. Being vulnerable. We overcame by pushing through the barriers, talking on Whatsapp regularly, writing each other letters when talking gets hard or when one feels unheard. Walking away or taking a break when too angry or too emotional. We don’t sleep without sorting out our issues.

Is the fire still burning, what has kept it burning for so long?

– We choose each other daily. We purposely make the effort to make us work. We do weekly date nights, we go on holidays alone and with family. We chat every single day on Whatsapp. We video call each other when one is away. We make love regularly.

Are you married?

-Yes, it’s been 5 amazing years Where do you see yourselves in the next 2 years – Definitely still married. Growing our business and hopefully have expanded it to include more elements. Traveling more.

Siyabonga Zulu – husband, Nonhlanhla Zulu- wife.
Siyabonga Zulu – husband, Nonhlanhla Zulu- wife.

Any kids yet?

-Yes, 2 handsome boys, 3 years and 1 year.

Sinokuhle Zulu- small boy
Ntandoenhle Zulu- big boy










Mr. Zulu wrote on Facebook…

Happy 5th year anniversary my love,
To be honest, I don’t know how we got through this years but knowing that God is with us, it only can be Him, My love thank you for such handsome boys and thank you for making me a man and most importantly to know that I can be an amazing father to our sons. I love you and I will never stop trying to choose our love, may God protect us and keep us growing together.

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1 thought on “Happy 5th year anniversary to the Zulus

  1. Love is indeed beautiful! Thank you the Zulu family for such an inspiring story..May God continues to bless your marriage and your beautiful kids. Indeed it has been an honour to witness your love and support towards each other during Proverbs 31 events.

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