Speak with Kindness

How many times have you heard a mom scolding a child at a shopping center? We all know how naughty children can be. We often have to repeat instructions a couple of times before they listen. You might even have to scream at them a few more times when they pose danger even to themselves, not to mention that look that mothers have. You know ‘The Look’ that needs no words to explain what you want the child to do or even stop doing.
Mpumi Mbethe, founder of MommyDiariesSA, Radio-TV Presenter, Corporate MC.
They say that the tone we use to speak to our children is the inner voice, with which they use to speak to themselves. Your child breaks something which can easily be replaced, but instead, you break the child’s spirit with harsh words and an angry tone. Your child spills a glass of milk or water, which could take less than 5 minutes to wipe clean, but you wound their little hearts with unkind words that remain engraved to their minds through to their adult years.
Broken things can be replaced, but broken hearts lead to broken people. The next time you feel tempted to discipline your child harshly, choose the words you use and speak with kindness.
With Love
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11 thoughts on “Speak with Kindness

  1. Wow, Mpumi is Such a Darling though. Not a parent myself, but I think parent just get agitated to react because they think other parents are judging them. Especially at public spaces. I must say though that this is a conversation starter. We need more…

      1. I actually trust and respect the work of CR, my question boils from the idea of what seems like she actually posted.

        Usually you interview people, isn’t it?

  2. Wow, short and sweet. I agree with you Mpumi, just one thing though. Sometimes the harsh words come from a place of love, they mean well. I get it though and I concur.

    Young parents must take note and parents who have been in the field must unlearn and relearn.

  3. “the tone we use to speak to our children is the inner voice, with which they use to speak to themselves” this statement poses a deeper notion that can address many toxic perspectives that have been imposed on the first generation, “pathe finders”

    1. Indeed, commander, ours is to decipher the rooted meaning when all has been said and done. We ought to celebrate the beauty of the diction that we so aspire and to some certain extent happen to be acquainted with.

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