Personal money-making tips in Varsity by Miss Smarty Pants

My university days have always been full of adventure. I have constantly found myself trying new things which brought about new experiences. Be it a new restaurant, an outfit or even a business venture. University is a conducive space for students to possibly find themselves and this is a crucial time because it determines what the rest of your life will most probably look like.

In most instances trying new thing cost money, and sometimes the allowance we receive from our parents and/or bursaries etc. is not enough. After spending money on food and necessities there is usually just a penny left which is good for nothing.

To try and combat this issue, I have compiled a list of ways through which students can make extra money and even grow their personal skills while they are at it. Most of the jobs I have done enhanced my interpersonal skills, marketing skills, salesmanship, and even confidence. Skills that proved to be handy when I eventually started my own business, Book Recycle. Skills that can be helpful long after you graduate and pursue a career.

  • Marketing and promotions: This involves being placed in a mall or a store to promote brands and products. Product training usually takes just a day. Your job is to educate customers and drive sales. You can get paid anything from R50 to R200 per hour depending on the product or company. And you usually work on weekends. Below is a list of companies you can Google and call to check for the availability of promotions.
  1. The Creative counsel (TCC)
  2. Keynote communications
  3. Provantage media group
  4. Zinto marketing
  • Buying and reselling makeup and accessories on campus and on social media: With social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, one can take advantage of “free” marketing and by virtue of being a student, “free” campus Wi-Fi. You can also print posters and put them up at female residences. You can buy this makeup at wholesale places such as China mall, dragon city, Africa cash and carry and Jumbo cash and carry. All these shops are situated in Crown reef in Johannesburg.
  • Tutoring: There are a couple of companies that offer tutoring services and therefore are always looking for talented tutors. They usually require that you obtained an A or B in a subject. I have listed a couple of the bellow
  1. Uplifted Life
  2. Teach me too

One could also offer tutoring services at their own personal capacities. You could approach high schools and ask to speak to students and tell them about your tutoring services, offer a few free classes. If you’re good, you should get a callback and grow from there.

  • Library or computer lab assistant: Campus libraries and computer labs usually open applications towards the end of the year or the beginning of the following year. Be sure to check posters on Notice boards around campus with application instructions as well as due dates… Make friends with the library staff and ask them to let you know when there is a job opening, You might just be lucky.
  • Below are more students jobs that one can easily google to find more information:
  1. Partake in focus groups
  2. Recycle scrap metal, cans, and bottles
  3. Sell your sperm or eggs
  4. Pet sitting/babysitting
  5. Work in retail
  6. Bartending or waiting tables
  7. TV/movie extra

“Hustle Hard”





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12 thoughts on “Personal money-making tips in Varsity by Miss Smarty Pants

  1. I wish I had someone to mentor me in this sector of personal development while I was still in varsity. Lol, how do I sell my sperms??

    Please respond as a matter of urgency.

    1. Lol.. Selling sperm is not as lucrative as selling eggs.. You can always google how to go about it. Make sure to include “In South Africa” in your google search

        1. I have not but I’m considering it.. As far as I know, There is no biological reason that donating eggs could cause infertility but the long term effects have not actually been studied.. So there might be risks

  2. People who matserbate can be rich if they get inducted in the business of selling their sperms.

    Tell us more about that one.??????

    1. Loool can’t deal.. I wouldn’t promote prostitution because I’ve been socialised into believing that it’s wrong. Maybe I would If I wasn’t socialised that way

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