The humbling experience of Maggy Molele through MissJozi







We follow Maggy Molele in the journey of MissJozi contest. Maggy Molele took to Facebook and expressed her gratitude to all the people who supported her throughout her journey and for the sound of her texts we could tell she is in it to win it.

If, like many of us you also thought that pageantry is all about slay queens, beauty with no brains and the sexiest of them all, well you got it twisted. This is what Maggy had to say about her experience so far on a post she shared on Facebook.

“It took me courage and strength to risk failing, to break out of my shell, to move out of my comfort zone. I took that step and ever since I started, I appreciate the process more than what the outcome may be. “

In another post, she remarked,

INDEED the joy is in the journeyThe Miss Jozi Journey so far, from auditions, interviews to finding sponsors and in particular CAMPAIGNING has taught me a lot. I have personally learnt that pageantry is not just about looks, it requires leadership and political skills, even when you look ‘beautiful,” people do not care, they want to know why they must vote for you.I realised that one has to have good communications skills, one has to have substance and content, clarity of thought and purpose. 

It is for this particular reason that we rally behind the prospective MissJozi and we believe she is the one the world has been waiting for. We, therefore, encourage young people to also contest in MissJozi to emerge as confident, sound and positive as is Maggy Molele at the moment. Come what may, she remains an inspiration and a beacon of hope to many young people with dreams align to pageantry.


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