Failure and setbacks are ingredients for a great success story.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Everyone’s journey of success differs, it took Precious Dihubane Ranapo years to get to where she is today, and towards the end, it is like a dream come true.

I was never intelligent, all my grades were that of an average learner. I attended the same class as my older brother in grade 4, in the year 2000. I passed grade 4 and my brother did not, but because I was younger than him, my teacher decided for me to remain in grade 4 and my brother to be progressed to the next grade. I caught up with my brother again in grade 6, I was progressed to the next grade and this time he remained behind. After that, I did not repeat any of my classes until 2011 in grade 12 where I received a higher certificate. I decided to repeat grade 12 due to failing to meet the requirements of the institutions of higher learning that were of my interest. I passed with a Diploma in the year that I repeated my matric, and I was disappointed because I was hoping for a Bachelor. I became a laughing stock, and people called me stupid. But words couldn’t bring me down, I did lose hope or give up, and my family gave me the support I needed.

She ended up registering at Jeppe education centre to upgrade two subjects; Mathematics and Life Sciences. After upgrading she obtained a level 5 in Maths and a level 4 in Life Sciences, which enabled her to qualify for university entry. She had applied for a degree in Social Work as a first choice and Nursing as the second choice and unfortunately, she was not accepted in any of them, but instead made it into a BA in Media studies. She did Media studies for only a year and switched to Bachelor of Social Work in Psychology the following year(2015). That was when she realized her passion for Psychology; despite it all, she is now proud of her academic record because she slayed.

In my third year, I managed to obtain 98% in Psychology over the class of 131 students. This was a result of sleepless nights spent studying and I earned myself the name “bookworm”. I spent most of my day in the library when I did not have classes, and many wanted to form a study group with me as they realized the hard work I was putting in.

I am currently doing my Honours degree in Social Work at the University of Venda and ready to go for a second Honours in Psychology. In a nutshell, it does not matter how many times one fails, how many people mock you, how many times you receive negative responses; all that counts is the willingness and undying spirit to get up and give it your best shot one more time.

This is a story that most university students may identify with or learn from. We as young people need “to divorce old toxic ideas f letting failure to define us and have the audacity to marry new innovative ideas to dust ourselves up and try again and again and again until we get it right.

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