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Tshegofatso Moabelo Eyes Miss Gauteng Exclusive Crown

Tshegofatso Moabelo, 21 years of age, currently contesting for Miss Gauteng Exclusive and she emerged among the finalists.

We live in the world of dynasties and it’s all about winning.

Tshegofatso Moabelo is no exception. The room beams with energy whenever she is around. She regards her self as a brand that is growing in leaps and bounds. “Tgf”(short for Tshegofatso) is her personal brand.

Just 21 of age, the fourth year Bachelor of Education student at Wits University, Tshegofatso Moabelo already sees herself as an influencer and role model to South African youth. The lover of education continues to breakthrough in championing the course for young people to access quality education through research and reaching out to disadvantaged communities.

As an education activist, Tshegofatso is a member of Faculty of Best Advisory (FBA), an organization that shares same vision and mission with her in matters of education. She engages high school learners on issues affecting their daily lives and how education can be attained going forward. Through FBA, she offers free career guidance and motivation to learners and motivation on their career choices. Tshegofatso knows that through education many of the societal problems can be solved, that’s why she spends lots of time engaging in seminars and conferences that seek to advance communities in her interest.

She believes she is a brand and continues to grow her personal brand, a brand under proper construction. When asked about personal branding, Tshegofatso responded:

“I believe in self-leadership which is where it all begins, you must gather the self, by educating the self and allow the self to grow to what you want the self to be.”

She also believes in reading for spiritual upliftment, “I put myself on a challenge to read, so in the process, I found that I am more of a faith based-books reader than any, they really provide spiritual therapy for me. At times I do take my time and take a short left to Google and read inspirational quotes which always draws me back to my whys and I get my focus back, I believe sometimes you just got to hear it from someone. That is the process of learning, it is beautiful, a journey of life in its entirety.” She said.

Tshegofatso is the finalist of Miss Gauteng Exclusive 2018, the journey she started in June 2018 and managed to form part of the top 25 through voting. Something she finds really humbling as and friends and foes showed faith in her journey to personal branding. She expressed her sincere gratitude through social media where her campaign is mostly based.

 Club Readership asked her about this journey of getting herself as an activist in modeling and pageants, she shared: “It’s been a mammoth task so far, I’m learning a lot on how to apply myself and usage of my classroom skills into professional skills. I get an opportunity to write professional proposals and continue to explore the world of personal branding. I am humbled by the experience.” She alluded

The Miss Gauteng Exclusive is one unique pageant as it doesn’t only focus on the beauty of the finalists, it is a platform where social discourse and personal development is encouraged. One of the tasks that Tshegofatso needed to do in order to impress judges is to show her commitment to community building, commitment to alienating social ills, self-respect, and perseverance. As a young South African woman living in times where the country is facing serious social ills like unemployment, inequality, and poverty; she aspires to use the knowledge and experience to help alleviate the ills by a youth ambassador of note. “This is one pageant that promotes active citizenship, it is for women empowerment and it gives you the platform to grow, solve, implements and I stepped in,” says Tshegofatso

So far, we worked with the organization called Voice it in Action, they focus more on community building. “At the beginning of the competition, we had a challenge that required us to volunteer our time to the chosen community in Braamfontein where we donated clothes, food, money and our services to the shelter in Kotze street. We got the chance to engage with the homeless people who sleep at the shelter at night. During that period, the number of contestants was still sitting at 100. The SMS voting and field work was used to narrow the number down to the top 25, of which I made it”.  She is humbled with the support that continues to trickle in as the competition hots up.

As the competition hots-up, the top 25 is inundated with tasks to prove their worth to the crown. To prepare them for the competition, organizers of Miss Gauteng Exclusive invited them for a mentorship programme on finance, personal branding, mental health, corporate environment, and entertainment industry. The knowledge she believes must be shared with every young person for their development.

Tshegofatso is currently running a Post-Partum Depression Awareness (mental breakdown some mothers and fathers go through just after giving birth) campaign on social media. Some parents find it hard to bond with their newborn babies and society fails to understand the condition. Her campaign is aimed at raising an awareness and get people talking about this rare disease.

Tshegofatso sees herself as a researcher and policy developer who also plays in social spaces like modeling and brand development for businesses.

You can find Tshegofatso Moabelo on social media sites
Facebook: Tshegofatso Tgf
Instagram: tshegofatso_tgf


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