“A winning spirit comes from within and not from the physical structure.” Finalist of Miss Eagle SA, Leshego Mogowe

Leshego Mogowe-Finalist Miss Eagle South Africa and Royal Princesses of Miss Eagle South Africa.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Leshego Mogowe, is a step away from victory in the pageant “Miss Eagle SA”.  The 20 years dynamite represents Gezina Pretoria(North of Pretoria), she attended matric at St Marks College and she is currently a 3rd-year student at the University of Johannesburg. She is a peer buddy at the university, Chief Communications Officer and mentor at an NPO Faculty of Best Advisory.

When asked to reflect on her journey that led to her success so far, she uttered that reading has helped her to gain more knowledge of matters she never knew of such as Autism and it equipped her with a stronger analytical thinking skill which is pivotal because Miss Eagle South Africa is very challenging. She went on,


… and I must think about how I will complete the challenge to the best of my ability and reading brings in tranquillity as well. Reading teaches you proactiveness and I believe that it put me at an advantage as it helped me in completing my tasks beforehand.


If people want to contest, they can look out for the opening on the Miss Eagle South Africa page and follow Leshego on Social Media Platforms as she will be posting vital information about the pageant and her journey as she proceeds.

The challenges she has faced was getting radio interviews as most don’t grant radio interviews without proper knowledge of the contest and the faces behind it.


The princess says that when she wins the pageant, she plans to show women my her size(height and body) that they can contest irrespective of their size and height. She believes that a winning spirit comes from within and not from the physical structure. Whatever you put your mind you shall attain it. Remember to stay Fierce and Beautiful.

Please be on the lookout for developments on Leshego’s journey and lets rally behind her.

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