The launch of Club Readership

The 4th of March 2017 goes down in the books of history as one of the essential days when once more we, the youth gathered and took it upon our shoulders to change the narrative about Africa being regarded as an illiterate continent.

On this day it became apparent that “ We have answered the calling of callings, to the cause of causes and that is to serve” – Tieho Hans

The launch of Club Readership was a success, your success, our success and together we are acquainted with diction. We are grateful to all the custodians of this success!

We, the people of CR would like to thank our keynote speaker and panelist-Emmanuel Bonoko for enlightening and making us aware that we need to embrace the power of the process. He left us with a challenging question, “What conversations do you have with yourself?” and gave us a profound advice! “Use social media to brand yourselves.”

What could we have been without our panelist, the thoughtful, outspoken and constantly leading; her excellency-Beth Malatji? She reminded us that we are not necessarily the product of our academic excellence or failure but the is power in becoming an automath.

Finally, we give a standing ovation to the leadership, the readership, and the warm-hearted Nicole Morris. Her words challenge us to read so as to be ideologically sound, keep an open mind and ultimately live listlessly.
To the president of SRC, Makhandeni Kefentse Mkhari. We will forever remain indebted, we shall note and respond to the demands of your speech and reflect on your advice! We heard you!To the Readership at Large! You are the ones we have been waiting for, thank you!!


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